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Welcome to the epitome of opulence on Sifnos island, the brand new Sigma Residences, a complex of exclusive residences perfectly nestled within a pristine setting of utter serenity and seclusion, offering stunning views to the emblematic Kastro of Sifnos and the cobalt Aegean Sea. The most prestigious accommodation on the island topped with exclusive 5* services awaits you

Welcome to Sigma Residences

Indulge in utter rejuvenation, serenity and pristine nature


Get lost in Mediterranean vibes

The surrounding valley is filled with pockets of sage and oregano, buffeted by the salty sea breeze, creating the perfect backdrop for a summer getaway. As soon as you step onto the property, the wild local flora and the calming scenery transport you to a state of complete relaxation, putting you in the perfect holiday mood. Outdoor living has been of paramount importance while building the plot, ensuring that guests will totally succumb in the pristine, authentic setting of the property.
The residences are carefully designed to offer unique and different experiences, from the impressive Kastro Residence and the authentic Aloni up to the stunning transformation of the traditional Themonia. Each house is uniquely created, boasting handpicked furniture with summer colours, state-of-the-art electrical equipment, signature beddings and linen, and full-size amenities that respect a sustainable future.

Moreover, Sigma Residences is a big art fan that goes hand in hand with Sifnos artistic tradition. Throughout the property and the residences, you will have the chance to stop and admire several pieces of art including sculptures, installations and paintings, works of established, well-known Greek artists as well as new, emerging ones.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun on the island’s most beautiful beaches, explore the village of Kastro, or simply unwind in the comfort of your private holiday home, Sigma Residences provide the ultimate luxury escape. Indulge in utter comfort in your lounger on your private veranda or in the sezlongs and hammocks scattered around our fragrant plot with breathtaking views and access to the trail that leads to Kastro. Frankly, there’s no better place to experience the true essence of Greek summer. So why wait?

Dive into purity

Exclusive 5-star services




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  Unwind in Utter Serenity, Get Spoiled with 5* Services & Experience The True Slow Living. Let Us Make Your Dream Holiday Come True
For discerned travellers

Explore Sifnos in its entirety

Welcome to the beautiful island of Sifnos, the perfect holiday destination for those seeking relaxation, natural beauty, and authentic Greek culture. Sifnos is known for its sunkissed beaches, picturesque villages, and delicious cuisine, making it a must-visit destination for travelers.
Sifnos is also home to many charming traditional villages, such as Apollonia, Artemonas, and Kastro, each with its unique character, stunning architecture, and friendly locals. Don’t forget to taste the local delicacies, including chickpea balls, revithada, and mastelo, while exploring the island.
Furthermore, Sifnos has a rich cultural heritage, including the famous Vrisi Monastery, the remains of the ancient city of Sifnos, and the Folklore Museum.

Crystal-clear waters


For beach lovers, Sifnos offers an array of crystal-clear waters, sandy shores, and secluded coves. The island’s beaches cater to all preferences, from the lively Platis Gialos and Kamares beaches to the more secluded Vathi and Fasolou beaches.

Cultural Treasures

Churches & Monuments

Sifnos is a treasure trove of cultural and religious heritage, with numerous sites and churches that reflect the island’s rich history and traditions.

Craftmanship at its best


Sifnos is renowned for its rich ceramic tradition, dating back to ancient times. The island’s pottery workshops produce unique and beautiful ceramics, including plates, vases, and decorative objects, using traditional techniques and designs.

Taste Pure Flavours


Sifnos is famous for its delicious cuisine, featuring fresh and local ingredients. Try the famous chickpea balls, revithada, and mastelo, a tender lamb dish slow-cooked in a traditional oven.


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Situated in the lively center of Thessaloniki, known as Saloniki by locals, Thess Residences presents a harmonious fusion of opulence and affordable accommodation. Our modern self-catering apartments provide the coziness of home combined with the flexibility of short and long-term leases, establishing us as your private sanctuary in Thessaloniki, no matter the duration of your visit. Whether your stay is brief or extended, for leisure or business purposes, our diverse selection of high-end flats accommodates all requirements. Additionally, the property boasts amenities such as a gym, a meeting room, a laundry room, and a communal living room featuring a flat-screen TV.